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Sterilizable Healthcare Packaging

We have the custom Tyvek® pouch solution for all your medical device, pharmaceutical or diagnostic product packaging needs. Tyvek® provides outstanding resistance to microbial penetration — ensuring your contents meet the highest level of sterilization standards.

CFB Sealed Packaging

Packaging plays a critical role in preventing infections when treating patients. CFB's Materials’ core technology and CFB's proprietary manufacturing processes offer customization opportunities for various sterilized packaging of medical instruments and disposable products.


Aluminum Foil Bag

Bag on Roll.png

Medical Roll Film

Medical Grade Paper Rolls.png

Medical Grade Paper Rolls

CFB Header 2.jpg

Header Bags (Reinforced)

CFB Header 1.jpg

Header Bags (Standard)

CFB Sealed Packaging is Ideal For:

Diagnostic Instruments

Wound Care

Tubing Sets



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