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Tyvek® Heat-Sealing Pouches

CFB Tyvek® Heat-Sealing Pouches are made of Tyvek® and transparent medical film for higher visibility of the contents. Suitable for EO, Plasma and Gamma sterilization. A wide range of sizes is available for different types of medical products. 

We provide accurate, safe and customized printing on Tyvek® with high-speed eight-color printing machines and eco-friendly water-based inks, and comply with international regulations such as FDA, EN 868, ISO 11607 and
ISO 11140-1.

CFB has the highest quality control systems for each procedure, including product development, design, quality inspection and marketing. With extensive experience in customized manufacturing, we design, develop and produce according to customers’ requirement.



Provides an effective sterile barrier systems and prevent medical devices from cross infection


Tyvek® paper with air permeability, antibacterial, waterproof, and leakproof.


Applies non-toxic ink and de-ink prevention technology.


Transparent film makes it easy for users to identify the contents within the packaging

Strong sealing edge prevents bursting after sterilization and maintains the integrity of the sealing 

Quick-Turnaround Stock Sizes Available 

3.9" x 9.8" (100 x 250mm) 1073B Tyvek® Pouch

5.9" x 9.4" (150 x 240mm) 1073B Tyvek® Pouch

8.7" x 13" (220 x 330mm) 1073B Tyvek® Pouch

11.8" x 13.8" (300 x 350mm) 1073B Tyvek® Pouch


Suitable for low-temperature and ultra-low-temperature surgical instrument packaging.


Medical surgical consumables and special material packaging.

Sterilization bags for endoscopes.


Tyvek® flat heat-sealing pouches are used to pack flat and small-sized instruments. 


Tyvek® gusseted heat-sealing pouches are used to pack stereoscopic and large-sized instruments.

Tech Specifications 
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