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High Heat Oven Bags

High Heat Oven Bags

Oven bags are quickly becoming popular among consumers seeking mess-free convenience and reliably tender results. By popular demand, we offer high-heat nylon oven bags with the same trusted quality you've come to expect from CFB's 100% U.S. made packaging.

As one of the country's leading nylon cleanroom bag producers, we're able to supply high-heat oven bags with exceptional strength, durability and puncture resistance---at extremely competitive prices.


Oven Safe


Microwave Safe


Freezer Safe


BPA Free

Why choose CFB for oven bags?

  • Unbeatable pricing

  • Extreme strength, durability and puncture resistance

  • Odorless nylon with high aroma barrier

  • Oil, grease, fat, and water resistant

  • Manufactured with FDA-approved material

  • Withstands temperatures up to 375°F

  • Available in custom sizes ranging from 12” X 18” up to 26” X 34”

  • Superior lead times and customer service

  • 100% U.S. manufactured

Convenient & Mess-free

Busy lifestyles and the need for convenient, easy cooking methods have heightened demand for oven bags and other innovative cooking tools. When cooking with oven bags, there's no basting, no soaking, no scrubbing, and no worries. Just deliciousness.


Dependable Results

Oven bags offer a reliable, efficient cooking method for cooking meats and vegetables in less time. And because oven bags "lock in" moisture (along with vitamins and nutrients) during the cooking process, you get consistently tender, juicy results every time. Why risk serving dry food when a juicy, delicious meal is "in the bag"?

Strength & Versatility

High-heat nylon bags go by many names, including oven liner bags, ovenable pan liners, oven roasting bags, oven-safe bags, nylon broiler bags, boil-in bags, cook-and-chill bags, and the list goes on. No matter what you call them, our nylon oven bags provide exceptional strength and flexibility, making them perfect for roasting, warming, transporting, and storing a wide variety of foods.

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