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Orange, CA Sterile Packaging

Our Story

With more than 35 years of experience manufacturing sterile packaging, Cleanroom Film and Bags has built a reputation as a respected leader in cleanroom packaging. We are a specially designed Class 100 vertically integrated cleanroom facility. Our state-of-the-art sterile packaging cleanrooms coupled with specially formulated resins and blends, have helped CFB develop the highest quality packaging required for the microelectronic, aerospace, semiconductor, silicon, food, and medical markets.


In 2003, we purchased the capital assets of CLEANFILM, INC., a New York based company, then moved and installed the ISO 14644 Class 5 (then FED STD 209-CLASS 10) cleanroom and equipment into our sterile packaging facility. This addition allowed us to provide cleanroom packaging products made from Nylon, Aclar, Static shield foils, and other specialty materials to meet the growing needs and requirements of our customers.


In addition, Cleanroom Film and Bags is the exclusive manufacturer of Cleantuff® and ULO (Ultra Low Outgassing) Poly packaging films.


We look forward to serving your electronic, healthcare, pharmaceutical, or food bag needs at our cleanroom manufacturing facility.

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