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Aluminum Foil Bags

There are two types of CFB Aluminum Foil Bags, one made of laminating aluminum foil film on both layers and another made of laminating aluminum foil film with polyethylene. The first type is made by laminating aluminum foil on both layers, ensuring effective light shielding and water and oxygen resistance. This bag is suitable for packing medical products that are sensitive to light, water and oxygen. The second type is made of laminating aluminum foil film with a layer of transparent film which provides better product visibility. Aluminum Foil Bags are highly resistant to punctures and offer superior protection for medical products.

Both products are suitable for Gamma sterilization and comply with international regulations such as EN 868 and ISO 11607. 

CFB has the highest quality control systems for each procedure including: product development, design, quality inspection and marketing. With extensive experience in customized manufacturing, we design, develop and produce to customers’ specific requirements.


Excellent light-shielding properties 


Highly resistant to water and oxygen



Surgical blade packaging


Electrode blade packaging 


Surgical suture packaging 


Hemostatic dressing and cotton packaging 

Temporary anchorage devices and reconstructions plates 

Tech Specifications 
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