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Nylon Packaging

CFB 5000 Nylon Cleanroom Packaging

Whether moving ultra-sensitive semiconductor parts or medical supplies, Nylon Cleanroom Packaging is one of of the most sterile and durable packaging materials available.


Cleanroom Film & Bags has a long history in providing Nylon solutions to our clients and has now significantly expanded our operations to meet increased demand. With our newest addition, we are now one of the country’s leading Nylon Cleanroom Packaging manufacturers.


What is Nylon Cleanroom Packaging?

Nylon Cleanroom Packaging is a super-durable and sterile heat-sealable plastic film that can be used for the long-term packaging of critical parts. An unplasticized, FDA approved food-grade clear film, Nylon offers very low ionic contamination and non-volatile residue. It can withstand elevated temperatures, resists oil and gas, helps to prevent friction tears, and is extremely puncture resistant.

Nylon has excellent oxygen and moisture barrier properties and is ideal for any packaging that needs protection from outside elements.

Nylon packaging is used a in a variety of applications, including:


Semiconductor & Other Electronics

Pharmacist Assisting Customer


Medical Text

Medical Devices

Machine Arm Assembling Car



When a pharmaceutical company creates a new vaccine or drug, they rely on cleanroom packaging to ensure everything has been shipped to the consumer without risk of contamination. Among the many advantages and applications of Nylon Cleanroom Packaging, perhaps this is the most important and, literally, lifesaving.

Organizing Medicine
Image by Štefan Štefančík


There are many computer components that should not be touched by bare skin. Memory modules, graphics cards, processors, and other parts need to be held with gloved hands and transported carefully. Nylon Cleanroom bags are often used by industries working in electronics to ship and house their most precious cargo. Since it is less abrasive than LDPD, Nylon is often the first layer of protection for semiconductor good and products. 


In the automotive industry, parts from around the world come together to build an incredibly intricate machine. For a car to run at its safest and most efficient, it is imperative that none of the parts are in way damaged. A stray hair or finger grease on the wrong item could create problems down the road. To avoid these challenges, the automotive industry frequently uses cleanroom packaging to store and ship their parts.

Car Frame
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