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Medical-Grade Paper Rolls

CFB Medical-Grade Paper Rolls are made from a wide variety of materials, all of which can be sterilized and create a sterile barrier system. The rolls can be applied in FFS (Form Fill Seal) machines.

We ensure accurate, safe and customized printing with high-speed eight-color printing machines and eco-friendly water-based inks, and comply with international regulations such as EN 868, ISO 11607 and ISO 11140-1.

CFB has the highest quality control systems for each procedure including: product development, design, quality inspection and marketing. With extensive experience in customized manufacturing, we design, develop and produce to customers’ specific requirements.



A variety of coated and printed paper is available


Both high and low temperature medical paper can be sterile and antibacterial 


Highly puncture resistant, ideal for heavy or sharp medical packaging 


Best-in-class Tyvek® printing technology


Specialized water-based/hot-melt glue enhances the ease of the sealing process 


Suitable for all medical grade sterilization packaging 

- medication packs

- gauze

- medical swabs

- cotton 

Commonly applied to sealed bags of FSS (Form-Fill-Seal) machines


Tech Specifications 
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