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Medical Film Rolls

Medical Film Rolls are divided into three categories: high-temperature film, low-temperature film and blister film, they can be sealed with coated medical paper and coated Tyvek® as sterilization packaging. 

Heat-sealed high-temperature film and medical paper can be applied for packaging options that require high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization (Steam sterilization). Packaging solutions made out of low-temperature film and Tyvek® are suitable for medical products which apply low temperature sterilization method (EO or Plasma sterilization).

CFB blister film is extruded by a seven-layer film machine which is rarely in medical industry. The blister film can also be applied in automatic FFS (Form Fill Seal) machines. Because of its diversified structure, it is used for general medical device packaging and highly puncture-resistant sterilization packaging material. This film is also widely used for EO, Plasma and Gamma sterilization and other applications.

Medical Film Rolls comply with international regulations such as EN 868 and ISO 11607. 

CFB has the highest quality control systems for each procedure including: product development, design, quality inspection and marketing. With extensive experience in customized manufacturing, we design, develop and produce to customers’ specific requirements.




Enhanced firmness and tensile strength


Excellent heat-sealing ability and easy opening


Highly puncture resistant, ideal for heavy or sharp medical packaging 



General medical device packaging 


Surgical glove packaging 


Disposable needles 


Intravenous catheters

Disposable medical devices and consumables

Tech Specifications 
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