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How To Choose the Right Medical Device Packaging

A recent Sedgwick report shows that medical device recalls have jumped to 36% since 2020? This points to a clear need for better cleanroom packaging for medical devices.

Medical devices must be packaged correctly to maintain sterility; if they aren't, the item cannot be used.

This is a huge issue for companies that make medical devices — there is such a high percentage of recalls.

Keep reading to find out how to choose the best medical device packaging.

What Are the Medical Device Cleanroom Packaging Options?

To choose the right cleanroom packaging options, you need to first understand what is available. There are several different packaging options from which to choose.

Medical packaging companies are always looking for new ways to offer medical packaging. Options are continuously being worked on to improve their effectiveness for medical device storage.


Pouches are a great option for cleanroom packaging as they are affordable and easy to use. These containers can hold a large volume and are easy to store for transportation. Pouches are also durable and less likely to be damaged during the process of packing and transporting. There are also many different types of pouches for a various types of medical devices.

Thermoform Trays

Thermoform trays offer another affordable medical packaging option. These can be made for all kinds of medical devices and are reliable. Thermoform trays are durable and will not be easily damaged, keeping the medical devices safe. They are ideal for high-value items that need a protective packaging option.

This is a great cleanroom packaging supply option for all kinds of medical devices. The packaging is clear and comes in different sizes and styles.

Forming Films

For medical devices that require a degree of range of motion, forming film is a great option. Medical packaging companies make this form of medical device packaging for items that need to be durable and flexible. Forming films keeps these medical devices sterile and safe over a long period of time. This is the best option for certain kinds of devices, such as prosthetic implants and surgical screws.


Bags are quickly becoming one of the most popular cleanroom packaging options on the market. They are affordable, versatile, and you can buy them in very large quantities. Demand for this cleanroom packaging solution is growing rapidly. Medical bags offer superior opening options and can be used for various medical devices. They keep the devices sterile while being versatile and effective for a huge amount of devices that may need packaging.

Die-Cut Lids

Die-cut lids help to solve the issue of getting into medical device packaging without disturbing what is inside. A form holds the device in place as you remove the die-cut lid. Clean peel technology is used to ensure that the lid comes off easily. This is especially handy in the operating room, where everything must be completely sterile. The die-cut lid helps to keep the device safe by reducing any tears or accidents from happening when opening the packaging.

What to Look for in Good Cleanroom Packaging

Now that you know what options there are for cleanroom packaging, you should look at other factors, which will help you choose the right packaging for your devices.

Packaging Size

One of the most important things to consider is your medical device packaging size. Choose packaging that is as similar in size to the actual device as possible. You don't want the packaging too small or too these, as this will cause issues later on. It must fit snugly to prevent any issues when being handled, shipped or stored.

Sterilization Requirements

Understand exactly what kinds of sterilization requirements are required. Not only will this dictate how you should sterilize the package and the device itself. The medical device and cleanroom packaging supplies must meet the same sterilization requirements. Otherwise, one will pose a threat to the other relative to sterilization.

Transportation Safety

Carefully pick a packaging option that can withstand transportation. This is very important as the packaging is the defense for the device stored inside. If the packaging ends up being damaged, the device cannot be used. This poses a major threat to sanitation, so you want to ensure that your packaging can hold up undamaged during transport.

Packaging Costs

The cost of the packaging that you choose should align with the cost of the medical device. Package higher-value items in higher-value packaging. If the device is of lower value, you can package it in a more affordable packaging option. Just make sure that the quality still meets all requirements.

Shelf Life

Your medical device may be stored for some time, so the packaging must be able to withstand that shelf life. It should be able to be stored for long periods of time without being affected. The packaging needs to be able to keep the medical device safe and sterile during that storage time without any damage.

How to Choose Medical Device Packaging

When considering the right kind of medical cleanroom packaging for your medical device, this list should prove helpful. Keep in mind the kinds of sterile cleanroom packaging available to you and your checklist for requirements when making your final selection.

Trying to find the right packaging for your medical devices? Contact us today at Cleanroom Film & Bags. One of our medical packaging experts will be happy to help you.


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