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Medical Cleanroom Packaging Supplies

Your Medical Packaging Partner

With more than 35 years of experience, Cleanroom Film and Bags (CFB) has built a reputation as a respected leader in medical cleanroom packaging.

Leading the way with CT-100 CLEANTUFF® LDPE Film

A specially-designed resin blend for added strength and higher elasticity, CT100-CLEANTUFF® displays the characteristics of a non-mar, non-scratch material and is available in custom colors to ensure we can offer you the best LDPE film for your needs.

CFB is a specially designed Class 100 vertically integrated cleanroom facility. Our state-of the-art cleanrooms, coupled with specially formulated resins and blends, have helped CFB develop the highest quality packaging required for the microelectronic and semiconductor markets.


In addition, our cleanrooms meet the highest level of compliance with our ISO certification (International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001; are climate controlled with a continuous environmental monitoring system; and operate a fully equipped laboratory to meet the unique demands of every customer. All Cleanroom Film and Bags are lab manufactured with a superior level of cleanliness using 100% American-made materials from raw resin to finished, vacuum sealed final products.

CLEANTUFF® and Medical Grade Products



CT-100 CLEANTUFF® LDPE Film is a specially-designed resin blend for added strength and higher elasticity. 


Product Types:

  • Tubing, Zipper Bags, Sheets

Bag on Roll.png


LDPE packaging is a durable clean packaging film specifically designed for use in clean applications.


Product Types:

  • Tubing, Zipper Bags, Sheets



Nylon Clean Packaging is an extremely durable and sterile heat-sealable plastic film that can be used for the long-term packaging of critical parts.


Product Types:

  • Clear and Orange Anti-Static

  • Tubing, Bags, Sheets

Bags On Rolls.jpeg

Bags on Rolls

CLEANTUFF Spec Sheet.png


Spec Sheet

Engineered specifically for critical products that require packaging in a film that combines low ionic contamination and ultra-low outgassing.


Product Types:

  • Sheets

Why Partner with CFB

Our high standards, rigorous protocols and dedicated team of experts produce industry-leading packaging solutions.


With more than 35 years’ experience, our engineering expertise, customization capabilities and rapid go-to-market resources makes CFB the cleanroom electronic packaging industry’s go-to partner.


All cleanroom poly film and bags are manufactured within a controlled cleanroom environment to maintain a superior level of cleanliness.


Cleanroom Film & Bags is the gold standard for specialty products, trust and innovation.


Proprietary blended materials and a specially designed manufacturing process allows Cleanroom Film and Bags to provide products meeting or exceeding the requirements of Cleanliness Level 50 per IEST-STD-CC 1246 (formerly MIL-STD-1246) and NASA JPR 5322.1 (formerly NASA JPG 5322.1), KSC-C-123.


We go over and beyond to give you the best pricing for your packaging needs.


We offer custom-tailored electronic cleanroom packaging solutions that meet our customers’ unique needs.

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