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Cleanroom Film & Bags Announces CFB CleanTronics Advanced Packaging for Semiconductors and Microelectronics

PLACENTIA, Calif., March 26, 2024—Cleanroom Film and Bags (CFB), a division of C-P Flexible Packaging, has expanded its line of CFB CleanTronics Advanced Packaging for semiconductors, silicon wafers, microchips, printed circuit boards, motherboards, integrated circuits, microprocessors, fiber optics and other sensitive electronic components.

CFB CleanTronics Advanced Packaging

Having pioneered some of the first low outgassing films for electronics packaging, Cleanroom Film & Bags has over 35 years of experience paving the way in advanced packaging substrates and materials for semiconductors and microelectronics. Every step of the manufacturing process, from raw materials to vacuum-sealed finished product, is performed within an ISO 14644-1 Class 6 cleanroom environment. CFB CleanTronics Advanced Packaging can be manufactured to meet Level 50 or Level 100 IEST and NASA cleanliness specifications.


The comprehensive CFB CleanTronics Advanced Packaging line includes:


  • Low outgassing packaging designed for critical applications requiring extremely low ionic contamination and outgassing

  • Antistatic nylon abrasion-resistant packaging providing extreme durability, as well as extremely low ionic contamination and non-volatile residue levels

  • ESD packaging with excellent static shielding properties, protecting sensitive electronics from damaging static discharge during handling and transportation

  • Antistatic LDPE packaging providing optimal chemical resistance and electrostatic protective barrier properties

  • EMI packaging meeting MIL-DTL-117 specification to prevent electromagnetic interference in sensitive components


Cleanroom Film & Bags produces CFB CleanTronics Advanced Packaging using domestically sourced barefoot resin, in one of the few vertically-integrated cleanroom packaging manufacturing facilities in the U.S. 


"We have a long history of engineering and manufacturing packaging for microelectronics and critical components, to the extent that we designed our entire manufacturing process around the superior level of cleanliness these products require,” says Jaime Read, General Manager of Cleanroom Film & Bags. “Using exclusively American-made virgin resins and materials for CFB CleanTronics Advanced Packaging is one of the many ways we go above and beyond to provide unmatched quality.”


To learn more about CFB CleanTronics Advanced Packaging, visit or contact


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