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CFB Packaging Strong Enough for Outer Space

Industry – Aerospace

The mission: Far outside our solar system and beyond the distant reaches of our galaxy—in the vast nothingness of space—the distance between gas and dust particles grows, limiting their ability to transfer heat. Temperatures in these vacuous regions can plummet to about -455 degrees Fahrenheit (2.7 kelvin).

The challenge: Develop a material that can withstand the cryogenic-like rigors of outer space, while still maintaining its properties during normal conditions on earth. Deliver a product that provides excellent barrier resistance while offering the highest levels of clarity. This is where CFB’s advanced cleanroom manufacturing facility CA can help. Our aerospace packaging solutions are designed to exceed the requirement of these intense conditions.

The solution: CFB7000 SERIES: Hydroblock® PCTFE

HydroBlock is a standout aerospace packaging product. This product outperforms other high-performance films in areas such as moisture barrier, clarity, chemical resistance, durability, and extreme low-temperature performance. It is also one of the clearest industrial-grade polymeric moisture barrier films available on the market.

Created by our experts this aerospace packaging material is commonly used where the highest levels of clarity, moisture barrier, and durability in harsh situations are desired. It’s the only homopolymer that combines traits of clarity with moisture protection, and chemical and weather resistance. HydroBlock stands up to UV transmission without degrading the quality of the film. This is very important when sending a product into space. These clean plastic films and UV bags are made at our cleanroom manufacturing facility. They have been used for a variety of applications on shuttles, including storage of food, liquids, samples, and waste.


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