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CFB Packaging Ensures Safe Organ Transplant

Industry: Healthcare

The mission: Healthcare teams across the United States performed 39,036 organ transplants in 2020.

Thoracic organs like the heart and lungs, are only viable for transplant within a four- to six-hour window after being removed from a body.

The challenge: Develop contaminant-free packaging to protect organs during transport. Ideally, something stronger than standard low-density polyethylene. Also, it was critical to have a non-scratching material that would not mar or leave residue on lifesaving organ tissue. Medical packaging from our team is designed to address all the complex challenges of the medical field.

The solution: CT200 CLEANTUFF® HDPE Film

Using CFB’s proprietary blend of “Barefoot” materials allows all healthcare and pharmaceutical bags to open easily, without the addition of any anti-block. This creates a non-scratching material that will not damage sensitive organ tissue. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) has quadruple the tensile strength and triple the compressive strength of LDPE. CFB’s exclusive blend adds considerable strength to all the medical packaging created in our cleanrooms, ensuring safe organ transport.


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