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CFB Packaging Preserving Critical Telecoms

Industry: Telecommunications

The mission: Spanning a broad range of end-to-end fiber optic cable solutions for communication networks, telecommunication companies form the backbone that connects businesses, homes, and people around the globe.

According to the North American Telecommunications Damage Prevention Council, the average cost to bury fiber optic cable in a rural area is $75,000 per mile. Repairing damaged telecom fiber can be just as expensive.

The challenge: Maintain a contaminant-free environment when laying fiber optic cable. Provide an environment that discourages the build-up of static electricity. CFB manufactures anti-static tubing for fiber optics that is designed to prevent expensive damage.

The solution: CFB9600 SERIES: Anti-static Cleanroom Films

CFB provided the client with Level 100 anti-static tubing for fiber optics, carefully manufactured to ensure minimal particulate presence upon insertion of the fiber optic cables. The antistatic properties of the CFB9600 SERIES film helped to minimize the amount of electrostatic build-up on the cables. Created in our state of the art cleanroom, these films contain anti-static tubing for fiber optics that preserves the life of the fiber optic cables, minimizing issues in the field.


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