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Easy-Peel Pouches & Film Pouches

CFB Film Pouches are made out of two transparent polyethylene layers, allowing the contents to be clearly seen. The film is sturdy and provides significant strength and heat seal ability — making it the ideal packaging material for medical products with sharp edges. In addition, the top thumb notch allows the pouch to be opened with ease. 

Structured with both transparent and milky white film, Easy-Peel Pouches allow the pouch’s contents to be easily recognizable. 

Both products are suitable for Gamma sterilization and comply with international regulations such as EN 868 and ISO 11607. 

CFB has the highest quality control systems for each procedure including: product development, design, quality inspection and marketing. With extensive experience in customized manufacturing, we design, develop and produce to customers’ specific requirements.


Whether you need pouches for testing and validation, starting a new project, or simply require pouches to help cover inventory, we can help you meet your goals with our Tyvek® Pouches. Available in various configuration and sizes.


High-strength sealant and puncture resistant. Suitable for storing medical product with sharp edges.


Customized multi-layer film


Both webs of Easy-Peel Pouches are transparent, allowing the user to clearly the contents


Meets international sterilization standards

Quick-Turnaround Stock Sizes Available 

3.9" x 9.8" (100 x 250mm) 1073B Tyvek® Pouch

5.9" x 9.4" (150 x 240mm) 1073B Tyvek® Pouch

8.7" x 13" (220 x 330mm) 1073B Tyvek® Pouch

11.8" x 13.8" (300 x 350mm) 1073B Tyvek® Pouch

3.9” x 7.8” (100 x 200mm) Printed Tyvek® Pouch  


Various types of gloves


Temporary anchorage devices & reconstruction plates


Disposable medical instruments


Ideal breathable packaging for wound care products

Tech Specifications 
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