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Cleanroom Zipper Bags

Cleanroom Zipper Bags

Our cleanroom zipper bags boast a protective double-track zipper closure, ensuring a robust barrier against dirt and moisture infiltration, thus preserving the integrity of valuable cleanroom supplies.


Crafted from ultrapure virgin resins, these bags are meticulously designed to mitigate contamination risks often associated with regrind materials, maintaining the purity standards essential for sensitive environments.


With versatility at its core, these bags find their ideal application in laboratories and medical device manufacturing, offering unparalleled protection to critical equipment and components, safeguarding them from potential contamination hazards.


ISO Class 7


FDA-EU Compliant


Certified & Tested to Level 100


Suitable for Gamma Sterilization

Why choose CFB for cleanroom zipper bags?

  • Made in the USA

  • Cleanroom ISO class 7 zipper bags

  • Meets FDA-EU compliance

  • Widths up to 70” and lengths up to 48”

  • Offered in 2mil to 6mil thickness options

  • Certified & tested to Level 100

  • Suitable for gamma sterilization

  • Printed up to 4 colors

Protective Zipper Closure

Our cleanroom zipper bags feature a protective double-track zipper closure, meticulously engineered to seal out dirt and moisture effectively, thereby safeguarding the cleanliness and integrity of vital cleanroom supplies.


This advanced closure system not only provides a robust barrier against external elements but also ensures easy access and resealing, enhancing efficiency and convenience in cleanroom operations.


Virgin Resin Construction

Crafted from ultrapure virgin resins, CFB zipper bags boast a construction free from the contaminants and impurities often found in regrind materials, thereby mitigating the risks of contamination in sensitive environments.


By utilizing only virgin resins, we uphold the highest standards of purity and quality, ensuring that our bags maintain the integrity of their contents without compromise, meeting the stringent requirements of cleanroom protocols and regulatory standards.

Versatile Usage

Renowned for their versatility, our cleanroom zipper bags find their ideal application in laboratories and medical device manufacturing facilities, where they serve as indispensable guardians of sensitive equipment and components.


Whether safeguarding delicate instruments from dust and moisture or protecting sterile supplies from external pollutants, these bags offer a reliable solution for contamination control, enabling seamless operations and maintaining the pristine conditions necessary for critical processes.

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