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Cleanroom Zipper Bags

Our cleanroom ISO class 7 zipper bags boast a protective double-track zipper closure, ensuring a robust barrier against dirt and moisture infiltration, thus preserving the integrity of valuable cleanroom supplies.


Crafted from ultrapure virgin resins, these bags are meticulously designed to mitigate contamination risks often associated with regrind materials, maintaining the purity standards essential for sensitive environments.


With versatility at its core, these bags find their ideal application in laboratories and medical device manufacturing, offering unparalleled protection to critical equipment and components, safeguarding them from potential contamination hazards.


Cleanroom ISO class 7 zipper bags

Meets FDA-EU compliance

Widths up to 70” and lengths up to 48”

Offered in 2mil to 6mil thickness options

Certified & tested to Level 100

Suitable for gamma sterilization

Printed up to 4 colors


General medical device packaging 


Surgical tool packaging 


Syringe packaging 


Made within Cleanroom Environment 

We take pride as one of the few manufacturers to add zipper closures all within a controlled cleanroom environment, consistently surpassing rigorous quality standards, setting us apart in the industry.

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